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ICT Awareness and Sensitization at GGASSS Albasu

pic_1 pic_2 pic_3The ICT Awareness and Sensitization team from CITAD on the 11th of August, 2009 proceeded to Government Girls Arabic Senior Secondary School (GGASSS), Albasu in Kano State. To an ardent Observer the trend would be that CITAD’s awareness and sensitization campaigns seemed focused on Girls Schools because from recent statistics; of the last four schools that has been visited from June till now, all had been Girl schools. The trend is not surprising, with CITAD’s resolve to promote more female participation in the ICTs especially from the young age.

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The team on arriving at the school met with the Staff Officer and Teacher; Master Muhammad Nura Yusuf who organised the girls to be seated before time for the session. Master Abdulrashid Sadiq who was the presenter of the session started by livening up the girls with some lively ICT jokes before coming to the reason for being here. He said they have been waiting for the students for three hours so that they could eat and rest before the session proper. It was because of the importance of the session that they had to wait all this while just to convey the ICT message. He further went to tell them what a Computer is, its components, and their functions. He also discussed the importance of Computers to our daily lives; how they can ease processes and with them. The session was an interactive one with the students telling the stories they have heard about computers and Master Abdulrashid acknowledging some and correcting the misconceptions.

Master Abdulrashid afterwards introduced Farouq who indicated the team’s pleasure to be at the school and stated because of the pleasure derived they were going to invite the school to CITAD’s Annual National ICT quiz for Secondary Schools, he said an invitational letter would be sent to the school and they should then prepare adequately for the competition. He also urged the students who were about to graduate to study computer courses at school and for those who had other ambitions, to inculcate ICTs into whatever profession they were going into. Students were also advised to make use of their holidays by enrolling for short computer courses during such breaks. Master Abdulrashid then proceeded to the quizzes, questions were asked and the successful students were given prizes in the form of computer books and magazines

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