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As part of its social corporate responsibility, Microsoft partnered with the Edo State Government and the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) and trained youth in the state. The training which was held in ICT Unit of the Edo State Government House, Benin City from the 6th to the 11th December, 2010 was facilitated by CITAD. The Office of the Special Adviser to the Edo State Governor took the responsible of mobilizing the youth as well as provided fro training facilities such as the training hall, computers and other training needs. Fifty (50) took part in the programme.

Malam Ahmad giving lecture on advanced ICT skills

A participant responding to a question

Mal. Kamaluddeen umar giving lecture onn web design

Mal. Aliyu giving lecture on IT Base Small Scale Business
Mal. Abubakar Tsangarwa Giving lecture on Corel Draw Group picture of participants, Pacilitators and S.A. to the Edo State Governor on IT A group picture of facilitators and S.A. to the Edo State Governor on IT

Training objectives

The broad objective of the programme was to building the capacity of the youth development officers and other youth to deliver youth development programmes. Accordingly the specific objectives include:

1. To train youth on IT-based youth development programme

2. To facilitate the development of a model youth development programme for the Government

3. To enhance the readiness of the Government to launch and maintain e-mentoring platform

4. To prepare the youth development officers to run successful youth development programmes that would:

a. Provide the youth with life and employability skills.

b. Provide youth with crucial work based experiences within a youth – development approach

c. Develop the entrepreneurship ability of the youth

d. Develop their ICT skills for job creation and employment generation

e. Provide youth with career instruction and greater awareness of support networks and various employment opportunities

Training Content

The training content consisted of four modules, carefully selected to meet the objectives of the programme. The first module, centering on advanced ICT skills covered training in Web design, CorelDraw, PhotoShop and Advanced Skills in Microsoft Word. The specific aim of these was for the participants to be proficient in these aspects of IT skill and seek for niche in the emerging business areas that utilize these skills. The second Module was ICT-based Small Scale Businesses. Through it, the participants were taken through different types ICT-based small scale businesses that the youth could establish. The module included the types of business opportunities, the services or goods to be offered, the requirements for setting up the business, regulatory imperatives and the resources needed. The module also provided sources of support and further information in the different sub-business opportunity areas. The third Module focused on Entrepreneurship skills where participants were taken through such topics as Turning Ideas into Business, Setting up my business, business requirements, conducting feasibility survey for market for the proposed business, Managing the Business, Marketing Skills, Financial Management, Business Communication, Determining Prices for Goods and Services. Finally a forth model consisting of two units, Training of IT Trainers, which was aimed at imparting training skill for those who may seek an opportunity in IT training and e-Mentoring, which was aimed at exposing them to web-based mentoring schemes a means of their getting support as they set about planning and actually running their small scale enterprises.

Training Methodology

The training combined both hands-on training and experiential training facilitation methodologies. Each participate has set up appropriately designed manual for each of the modules. In line with the mobilization requirements, all participants had some IT skill, which allowed these to be consolidated, and allowing the focus of the training to remain on how to utilize the skills to create business opportunities for the youth.


Fifty 50 were training in the programme. The trained youth now constitute a crop of facilitators that could be used to expend the skills and knowledge to others. The State Government has also copies of the training manuals with which it could use to replicate the training for more beneficiaries in the state. It has also already given indication of its commitment to do this through the Office of Special Adviser on IT in collaboration with the State Youth Empowerment Programme. The Adviser, Mrs. Yomi Keri also indicated the possibility of setting up an e-mentoring scheme to allow youth to access business skills and knowledge as well as obtain counseling from experienced business entrepreneurs and professionals online.


No formal closure could take place due to the death of the wife of the State Governor two days into the programme. It was therefore decided that the Edo State Government would at the end of the mourning fix date during which the closing ceremony and the distribution of certificates would be done.


Below are the comments of some of the participants with respect to the training.

The facilitators were splendid. With what we learnt we can be able to create website and work with other packages to produce publications. But the time is too short. Thank a lot.

Vasco Okoduwa, 08053461104

I have gained a lot in business management, web design and CorelDraw. So I am truly glad I participated in the training.

Charity Omoruyi,, 08056748960

Have made to understand how IT can be used in small scale business, how to create website, a detailed use of CorelDraw among others.

Oseni Al-hussain,, 08051801003

Thanks a lot for this training. I’ve gained a lot in advanced Microsoft Word, CorelDraw and IT-based small scale businesses. Our facilitators were excellent. The only problem was from our State Government that did not provide enough time and logics.

Evbo-Imade Osarumwense,, 08026230551

The training is satisfactory with well equipped facilitators

Mary Salami, 08062883133

The facilitators are wonderful in the area of CorelDraw, enterprises management and web design.

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