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Communiqué of a One Day Inter-Party Youths Dialogue

Communiqué Issued at the end of a One Day Inter-Party Youths Dialogue Held at Ni’ima Guest Palace Hotel, Kano on 10th June, 2017.  


The Center for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) is a non government governmental organization that has been implementing “Strengthening Civic Engagement with the Electoral Process (SCEEP) project with support from Department for International Development (DFID) through ActionAid Nigeria since 2015. The project aims to strengthen participation of especially youths and women in electoral process for better and good governance, as part of the project’s activities, today 10th June, 2017, CITAD holds “Inter-Party Youths Dialogue” where different stakeholders deliberate on issues around youths participation in politics in Nigeria. Papers were presented and a number of challenges and recommendations were made to different stakeholders.

The dialogue highlighted lots of challenges and hindrances to youths participation in politics that included: lack of resources or financial constraints, god fatherism, lack of political mentorship from the past leaders or prominent society elites, constitutional restriction, cultural and parental restrictions, social stereotype, lack of adherence to party regulations, partiality of security agents during elections, poor leadership in political parties, neglect of youths in party affairs, lack of integrity and foresight by the youths, lack of leadership capacity and skills by the youths etc. Based on the foregoing challenges and hindrances, the Inter-Party Youths Dialogue made separate recommendations to INEC, Political Parties, and the Youths.


  • Should review age limit law to allow more youths participation in election
  • Should allow and encourage independent candidates system
  • Scrap payment for expression of interest
  • Should review and fix moderate amount to purchase contest forms

Political Parties should:

  • Eliminate delegate system and replace with option A4 i.e majority carry the votes
  • Abolish god fatherism to allow competency
  • Replace god fathers with political mentors who will not interfere with leaders conduct
  • Stop handpicking candidates
  • Review conduct of congresses to be youths focused
  • Support and encourage women and people living with disability (PWDs) candidacy
  • Strictly adhere to party constitution and guidelines



  • Youths and well meaning individuals should patriotically join politics and salvage their future
  • Youths should identify political parties with real values and join them
  • Constitution needs to be amended to allow for more youths participation in politics
  • Women participation in politics should be highly encouraged
  • Youths must unite and change god fatherism practice
  • Youths should reject incompetent candidates


  1. United Action for Democarcy (UAD)
  2. Kano Youths Coalition for Advocacy and Development (KAYCAD)
  3. Mufarka Youths Initiative
  4. Sickle Cell Community
  5. All Progressives Congress (APC)
  6. Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)
  7. Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP)
  8. Bayero University Students for Peace
  9. Northwest University Students for Peace
  10. Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education Students for Peace
  11. Students Union Government, FCE Bichi
  12. Yakasai Zumunta Community
  13. Gaya SCEEP Community
  14. Nasarawa SCEEP Community
  15. Rano SCEEP Community
  16. Karaye SCEEP Community
  17. Kabo SCEEP Community
  18. Kano Municipal Council SCEEP Community

About Kamaluddeen Umar

Born at Municipal, Kano State. Graduated from Bayero University Kano. Read Electrical Engineering

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