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By Maryam Haruna



In July, 2017 CITAD hosted a training programm Digital Summer Institute in Abuja and Kano. The training was aimed at training young women on ICT skills that will serve as empowerment mechanism to the young ladies to become enterpreneurs. Skills acquired by the trainees during the summer include mobile apps, photography, film and video editing, graphics design, blogging, wordpress, social media marketing etc. As part of the follow ups and after-the-training meeting with the beneficiaries to have opportunities to ICT business, carrier and ideas CITAD organized this meeting and invited the Kano Digital Summer Institute p participants to share their experiences and to learn from one.


The specific objectives of the meeting are as following:

  • v Discuss on the previous experience
  • v Support the development on digital business opportunities in ICT Training and marketable skills for young women
  • v Familiarizing the participants with the development, requirements and uses of word press, the use of graphics for events i.e digital video and graphics applications, mobile phone/GSM applications for micro-enterprises and so on.
  • v Developing a collaborative strategy on social media networking, particularly with team building for reviewing evaluation good-standard practices.
  • v Explore different opportunities for starting and improving business

The first presenter, Malam Kamaluddeen Umar, delivered a speech on Business Opportunity for the young women, he stated the impacts of digital business and also sight an example of the word ‘S.W.O.T’ which he worked at defining the most important of the issue. He clearly expatiated that S.W.O.T means Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threads. He further explained the types of digital business opportunities and cited an example of some websites for job applications (as well as the survey) focuses on digital transformation, which we define as the use of new digital technologies (social media, mobile, analytics or embedded devices) to enable major business improvements (such as enhancing customer experience, streamlining operations or creating new business models). Finally, he urged that the participant should work in team building and  take time to share ideas with colleagues.

The Second presenter, Maryam Haruna (IT): Explained that CITAD embodies the importance of bringing together to promote their digital business opportunity skills. Highlights on the may key note of the digital business opportunities. i.e Promote the development of human resources capacity by training personnel in entrepreneurship using ICT in our community; Support which will create learning opportunities to exchange ideas; Self-employment and entrepreneurship, Exchange of good practices, high visibility events to ensure the impact in the general practices, implementing the entrepreneurship skills among the participants by using a specific social media (Watsapp, facebook, Instagram, IMO or twitter) at least monthly.

The Third presenter, Sagir Ado Abubakar, speaks on some Business Support Initiatives and sight an example of Stands for Job Placement Information Services (JOPIS), where he fully explained the importance, and the impacts on business opportunity if accompanied by the youth, which can also provide more online job opportunities for the them and new growing of network in Job opportunities.


Outcome/ Actions.

Feedback from the conference was very positive – participants greatly enjoyed the chance to meet like-minded people from different communities, the opportunity to network and to learn from one another, and the chance to explore ideas. Below is the outcome ideas stated by the participants.


  • The participants will all take the personal responsibility to keep contact with each other and explore the idea of email buddies, will work by email and social media on doing more work on the program, started to develop and then share it with everyone else as a potential common Frame work that could be used more widely.
  • Create a tangible social media Page (Watsapp & Facebook) and also add the resource person to transverse our skills.
  • Everyone checks to make sure they send and receive email amongst the social media group page created to promote their digital business opportunity.

Experience Sharing: The participants shared their experience after the training. Below is the list of the attended participants and their word of experience.

S/N Name Experience
Salma Abdulwaheed
I utilised the skills I gain from the digital summer institute training and trained my younger ones and my colleagues in school. What we are planning is to gather 100 level students and train them on the applications. The challenge we are facing is that some do not have android phone but we are planning to select about 10 with android and train them in such a way they will train others
Fatima Lawal Aliyu
After the training I thought of many things that I can do. I paid a courtesy visit to the permanent secretary of Higher Institutions and informed her about the programm and proposed the programm to be conducted in Kano annually or even monthly. She then gave us chance organise advocacy and have full proposal on how to implement it, and now I am planning to meet her.
Zahra Yunusa Ya’u
When I went back to my NYSC serving place Department of Urban and Regional Planning in Bayero University Kano my HOD was asking me what Impact I can bring with the training I participated. There is a project being carried out named “Mr CD LAB” which includes video documentations and I was able to use the knowledge record, edit and document it. The project was presented at International conference including the videos I was able to prepare and was presented live in Youtube and twitter. This made me surprised to have my work being on web and being followed. I also did similar work for another lecturer from another department. Now there some also asking me to do the job for them and are ready to pay me. Also Developers Circle Kano contacted me to share the skills to young women during their program on Women in Tech
Sumayya Adam
I have intended to do many things but not having an android phone hindered me. But I temporarily used my brother’s phone and made some practical and now planning to see I get my own android phone.
Hauwa Ahmad Sa’id
As I am currently serving NYSC at office of Head of Civil Service Jigawa State. Initially I was just typing some letters and invitation. But after the training and have seen my certificate they ask me start designing their letter headed paper. I helped my sister who is in perfume business on how to do effective adverts using social media with pictures. I am also in business of clothing materials and use phone to take picture and do some advertisement and people contact me and made some request.
Rukayya Abubakar Sulaiman
I have not started doing business or training. But I am hoping to start something.
Saratu Ishaya Abdullahi
All I have done for this time is the training I carried for my younger ones
Rukayya Hadi Ahmed
 I have my senior colleague in school who is into website design but he cannot do graphics for logos. We now work together as I design logos and edit some pictures for him and earn something. I also train some of my school mates twice in a week on the knowledge I have during the summer
Shemau Adam Imam
 I am into catering and I use the skills I gained from Digital Summer and advertise on the social media. My sister has started makeup business and I help show her how to use social media to publicize the business.

About Kamaluddeen Umar

Born at Municipal, Kano State. Graduated from Bayero University Kano. Read Electrical Engineering

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