16th Twitter Chat on the Impact of Covid19 Global Pandemic on the Management & Control of Other Deadly Diseases: Steps Health Care Facilities Can Take To Prevent & Control the Spread of Covi19 from Unidentified Patients to Other Patients via Health Providers

In continuation of its educative programs on Covid19 in Nigeria, the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) held a twitter chat on the 2nd of June, 2020. The guest was Dr. Abdullahi Lawal Kazaure who is a Medical Doctor, he discussed on the impact of COVID-19 Global Pandemic, the Management and Control of other deadly diseases: Steps […]

13th Twitter Chat With Pharm Khalid Garba Muhammad, Lecturer with Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, BUK, Guest Lecturer at University of Charleston, USA, Intern with International Pharmaceutical Federation (IPF)

Date: 22 May, 2020.   The Centre for Information Technology and Development as part of its contribution to stop the spread of Covid-19 in the country  organized a Twitter chat on Friday to enlighten the general public about Covid-19 pandemic; safety measures, government and citizens’ efforts, giving recommendations to government and ensure citizens needs are […]

15th Twitter Chat with Dr. Zainab Ibrahim Usman, Medical Doctor and Public Health Advocate Organized by CITAD

 Thursday, 28th May, 2020  Amidst lockdown ease by state governments, the Center for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) has on Thursday 28th May, 2020 Organized a twitter chat to determine whether the lockdown is a bless or a curse in Nigeria.  The chat is the 15th twitter chat in the series organized by the centre and has Dr. Zainab Ibrahim Usman, Medical Doctor and Public Health Advocate […]

Lockdown: CITAD advises Kano govt on stricter measures

The Centre for Information Technology and Development, CITAD, on Sunday advised Kano state government to introduce stricter measures, to ensure compliance with the restriction order, to curtail the spread of coronavirus, #COVID19 in the state. The advise is coming, especially following one confirmed case of the virus, announced by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, […]

Exposing the Identity of COVID-19 Victims is Counterproductive – CITAD

The propriety or otherwise of exposing the identity of COVID-19 infected or potentially infected persons which has become a big controversy in Benue State three weeks ago in the case of Mrs Susan Okpeh has received a curt rejection in a similar case in Kano in Northwestern Nigeria. The case in Kano is the circulation […]

Death baiting

Email: ochima495@gmail.com SMS: 08055001912 I have just read a situation report on “how people in Kano are responding to government directives against COVID-19” released by the Centre for Information Technology and Development, CITAD, Kano, April 7. Before I go into the report, let me confess that I am not familiar with the organisation. I am knowing […]

Report of CITAD Fourth Twitter Chat with Doctor Lawal Hassan Mohammed

It has been said that since the outbreak of Spanish Fluids, world has never seen a threat to human existence similar to this. World over is in lockdown, millions of people have been tested positive for the virus, thousands of people have lost their lives, many businesses have been crashed and countries are on the […]

Report of CITAD Third Twitter Chat on COVID-19 with Pharmacist Usman Nasir

In its effort to combat the widespread of Corona Virus pandemic in Nigeria, and as an organization that has as its mandate the use of ICTs to empower citizens for a just and knowledge based society that is anchored on balanced and sustainable development, the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) held its third […]

CITAD Uncovers Minimal Compliance With Coronavirus Rules in Kano

A survey of the most strategic points of convergence in urban Kano has shown very minimal compliance with the ground rules against COVID-19. The survey by Kano based Centre for Information Technology and Development, (CITAD) shows that most strategic mosques, markets, streets and makeshift soccer pitches are in full swing. The borders are no less. […]

Deconstructing the CITAD – NCDC Conversation on COVID-19 in Nigeria

How much of a problem this still is remains to be systematically ascertained but it was the biggest part of the COVID-19 crisis in Nigeria. Whom or where do the ordinary Nigerians, especially those in the slums or “the voices from below” call to say they think they might be confronting Coronavirus? A Bauchi State […]