1. Insurgency and Human Rights in Northern Nigeria by Habu Galadima and Moses T. Aluaigba (eds)
  2. Community Development Charter (2013)
  3. Towards a Unity of Purpose: Collective Responsibility and People-Centred Approach to Addressing Insurgent Violence in Northern Nigeria- A Policy Brief
  4. Social Media Campaign for Peace: Training Primer by Y. Z. Ya’u
  5. Responding to the Plight of Internally Displaced Persons in Northeastern Nigeria: A Policy Brief
  6. Kano State: Snapshot Situation Analysis with Focus Election Violence
  7. Civic Education: Strategies for Mobilizing Local Resources for NGOs and CBOs,
  8. Darussan da Aka Koya: Inganta Yin Bayani ga Jama’a Ajihar Kano, Nigeriaya(Hausa)
  9. Bukatu Domin Ci Gaban Al’umma (Hausa)
  10. Kyyayr Hakkin Dan’adam Na Majalisar Dinkin Duniya by Yahaya Dan Arewa (Hausa)
  11. Organizing for Political Accountability at Local Government Level: Experience from Jigawa State by Y. Z. Ya’u (ed)
  12. Lessons Learnt: Promoting Democratic Accountability in Kano State, Nigeria
  13. Jagorar Gundanar da Ilimin Zamantakewa (Hausa)
  14. Civil Education Facilitation Manual

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