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The application of creativity to address a problem results in innovation. However, for innovation to impact in society, it must leave the confines of its creator and become diffused and used by the society.  This is the moment it becomes a business/enterprise proposition.  Many young creative minds have excellent ideas to address the myriad of problems and challenges our society faces today, however because they do not have the conducive space to flourish as innovators, these ideas remain stacked at the level of fascination. Even where they are successful in transforming the ideas into innovation, the innovation remains isolated and unknown and therefore not being deployed to address the problems they are meant to address. 

Creativity and innovation minds in society are not only an asset that can generate wealth and solutions to our problems, but also help us to create jobs that will address youth unemployment in the country.  Yet for us to leverage and deploy innovation and innovation, we must build the appropriate institutions, systems and the platforms for creative minds to transform their tech ideas to business problem, 

Recognising that this important work cannot be left to government alone, the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) is working to support youth achieve their dreams of converting their ideas into real businesses through incubator and accelerator programmes. These would provide innovators with space, support and systems to convert their ideas into business and link them up to accelerator programme and venture capital across the world to transit into sustainable businesses. 

As part of the process of recruiting the first cohort, CITAD will be organizing a series of workshops to select qualified candidates for the three-stage programme of ideation, incubation and accelerator. This is an invite for interested qualified persons to apply


The potential candidate must:

  1. Be able to communicate in English 
  2. Have a clear idea(s) of what technology he/she wants to convert into business 
  3. Must be resident of or is able to live in Gombe for a period of not less than six months
  4. Is willing to build and run a technology-based business enterprise 
  5. Should be below the age of 30, however older people with exceptional ideas will be accepted 
  6. Girls and women are especially encouraged to apply 

Conditions of Participation 

Successful candidates will undergo:

  1. Ideation workshops at which they will conceive and articulate their tech ideas 
  2. Incubation period during which participants will be guided to produce specific unique products or solutions that will be driven to the markers 
  3. Mentoring process to formalize their ideas into business, including valuation for and rating as preparation to be presented to an accelerator process 
  4. Accelerator Programme to find investors and venture support for the business 

What the Process is Not

This is not an employment engagement. Participants are not going to be paid money or any allowance for their participation. They are to receive training, mentoring and exposure to venture capital and networks. 


Upon selection, participants will undergo a series of workshops over a three months’ period to enable them articulate their tech ideas/concepts. They then undergo a six-month incubator during which their ideas are developed into real products and driven to the market place. Thereafter, their business will be promoted to an accelerator programme to attract investors/venture capital. 


Method of application

Interested persons who meet the requirements can apply by filling the application form down below or download the form, fill it and send it as email attachment to aid@citad.org not later than May 7, 2022.

This form is currently closed for submissions.

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