Report of A Two Day Training On The Use of Social Media for Accountability

In our contemporary societies, social media and social networking sites continue to permeate every aspect of our social and national lives. Hence, the dire need for training and re-training of youths to use the social media professionally.
Sequel to the above, the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) conducted a two day social media for accountability training in Kano South Senotorial District Headquarter, Rano local Government Area, Kano state.
The training, themed; “Social Media for Accountability”, allowed the participants to acquire relevant skills on the use of social media for accountability and the areas of deploying various platforms for networking, political participation, holding leaders accountable, content creation, entrepreneurship, and a host of others.
The Centre Communication Officer, Ali Sabo revealed that the Centre intends to train youth in Kano state on the ethics of using the social media to promote accountability, fighting corruption and consolidate democracy.
Sabo, said today social media gives the ordinary citizens avenue to express their opinions about governance as it concerns them, like every technology requires certain skills for professional utilization without which will lead to a the abuse of the platforms.
He further stated that youth can use social media to bring about positive changes and reforms in the country. Also social media can be used to hold government officials accountable for their action which in normal circumstances cannot be done. He added.
The aim of the training is to educate the youth on how to use social media effectively and to also use it as a tool for holding government accountable.