In its efforts on equipping the students to become digitally-enabled in Jama’are
local government the center for Information technology and development
conducted the first annual ICT quiz competition in the community, the quiz was
conducted on Thursday 15, December, 2022 at WABI Academy, the quiz was
started at 11:00am with opening prayer, The executive director center for
information technology and development represented by Mal. Ahmad Yakasai
made the opening remarks he embarked upon by being grateful to almighty Allah
for given the opportunity to witness the day and the huge impact CITAD produces
in transforming the lives of people and the society at large. He made mention that
CITAD has been organizing this ICT competition for over twenty years in kano.
But by considering the performance of CITAD office Jama’are and her focus on
improving the technology related activities CITAD decided to start up the trail of
this first ICT competition Quiz competition, to instill and broaden the interest of
younger generation to adopt the system and encourage students to priotize
leveraging technology at their early stages of life. He made it clear that whatever
fields a student chooses to study in his/her carrier, information technology is the
ingredient to all field of study.
He lastly listed the prizes to be won in the completion as follows
a. First position : A New brand of Bicycle
b. Second position Y5 Hawie Android Handset
c. Third position A five Yards of Shadda
a. First position : A New brand of Bicycle
b. Second position Y5 Hawie Android Handset
c. Third position A five Yards of Shadda

Eleven secondary schools participated in the competition namely

  1. Government Arabic College Jama’are
  2. Government Day Secondary school Jamaare
  3. Government Day Secondary School Hanafari
  4. Hassan Muhammad Senior Secondary school Jama’are
  5. Wabi Academy
  6. Aliyu Maisango Junior Upper Secondary Basic School Jama’are
  7. M C Abubakar Junior upper Basic Secondary School
  8. Ahmad Muhammad Wabi Junior Upper Basic Secondary School
  9. Future Solution Academy
  10. Asasul Islam Junior Secondary School
  11. Al-Furqan Academy
    The second speaker at occasion who is Dahiru abubakar the program officer of the
    center stated all the activities CITAD is doing to the community, ranging from
    conducting the Inspiring Leadership Reflection series in first quarter of the year
    with two prominent key figures in the community in the month of January and
    febuary this year, they are Alh isah Hassan Mohd Tafidan Jamaare and Prof.
    Ahmad sale, Dean Faculty of Agric Bauchi State University Gadau, training of
    fifty women across the L G A on Plastic Waste Recycle Management, training of
    fifty women on Recycle Energy, Training of twenty young girls and women in
    the local government under digital Creativity and innovation training founded by
    Lenovo foundation, training of fifteen women on Video Editing and graphic design
    under Digital Livelyhood program, donations of two set of computers to Nigerian
    Correctional service staff and free training of fifteen staff of the Nigerian
    correctional service staff, its Efforts towards Establishing the Community
    Network in Jama’are local Gov’t, admitting five students from the community into
    School of Nigerian community network , conducting the first annual ICT quiz
    competition and he mentioned that CITAD will round off their this year activity
    with a town hall Meeting with various political party candidates on December
    The education secretary made a clear statement to the public that he is a
    beneficiary of CITAD training and urges the community to value CITAD
    initiatives and honoring their engagement to ensure the continuity of their work.
    One of the traditional title holder in Jama’are Alh sabo Likita, Sarkin Yakin
    Jama’are thanked the entire CITAD staff and especially the Director for his
    concerned towards improving the future of our younger generation, he thank
    CITAD for conducting free Computer base test JAMB training to the entire
    secondary school students of the emirate.
    The chairman of the quiz Mal Yahuza Bello from Jama’are concern citizen Forum
    declared the quiz open by mentioning the guidelines of the quiz. In the first round
    three schools scaled for the second round and in the second round GAC emerged

as the winner and two schools went for the third round then lastly Wabi academy
seized the second position while Alfurqan became Third.
The category of the competition was divided in to two segment ICT quiz and
Website Design.
Government Arabic college Jama’are Emerged as winner in the ICT quiz, Wabi
Academy Second and Alfurqan Academy hold the third position, in another
segment of the competition Website design Al-Furqan Academy Emerged as First
and Future Solution Academy second while Government day secondary School
Hanafari became third place.
Category of

School Position Prizes

QUIZ Government Arabic College


1 st New brand of


Wabi Academy 2 nd Y 5 Hawei
Android handset
Alfurqan Academy 3 rd Five Yards of



Alfurqan academy 1 st New brand of


Future Solution 2 nd Y 5 Hawei
Android handset

Government Day Secodary
School Hanafari

3rd Five Yards of


One of the students Abdulbasid Yahaya thanks and shown his appreciation to the
organizers and CITAD body by their tireless efforts and outstanding commitment.
He reaffirm that CITAD has been his major motivator to nurture his passion to
become technically oriented.
Closing remark was offered by the Principal of Wabi Academy Mal. Shuaibu