Press Statement on NCDC’s Irresponsiveness to Questions/Concerns of Nigerians on the COVID-19 Pandemic Released on Wednesday 1st April, 2020

It is apparent that measures capable of preventing further spread and containing the pandemic COVID-19 in the country are put in place. This is obvious taking into cognizance how “stay at home order” was imposed on some cities. And it is commendable how development partners, civil society organization, institutions, etc are all contributing to the […]

Preventive measures against Corona Virus by CITAD

Preventive Measures Against Corona Virus COVID19 1. Wash your hand frequently 2. Maintain Social Distancing 3. Avoid Touching eyes, mose and mouth 4. If you have Fever, Cough and Difficulty I’m Breathing, seek Medical Care Early. Source: World Health Organization (WHO)